Trail Safety after the storms April 2023

The Westside Trail is on a very steep slope. Please see the section on safety for general concerns.

The recent Atmospheric River storms had caused a lot of damage along the trail with new hazards: washouts, slides, down trees, etc. Be very careful when walking to stay away from new washouts. The edges can collapse. Based on my experience in the Santa Cruz mountains in 1982 after that large storm, slides can take place later without any more rain. The soil is very saturated. Watch the slope above you for any signs of movement.

You travel at your own risk.

  • Bicycles do not travel so fast that you cannot stop in your sight distance. Scout carefully before continuing if you see a problem.
  • Soil that may have supported foot traffic may not support the additional weight of a horse. Recommend waiting until the soil has dried out and has stabilized.

All photos courtesy of Chuck James, USDA Forest Service, Stanislaus National Forest

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